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Volktek design, manufacture and supply wide range of data communication devices.

About Us

Volktek design and manufacture robust data communication devices for harsh environments. We supply products that provide the communication infrastructure, derived from proven commercial technology, for control and monitoring systems that are used in mission critical solutions where commercial grade products are not sufficiently resilient.
Starting out in 1994, Volktek has grown to a company largely focused on the R&D and sales and marketing of a variety of networking products, and is a leading Taiwan-based manufacturer of these categories of network devices. Volktek is positioned as a provider of expert industrial optical Ethernet solutions. With a focus on designing and manufacturing optical Ethernet products, Volktek is ideally placed to meet the needs of clients looking for high-quality, radiation-free data transmission over long distances.
Volktek has built on the wide-ranging experience of its R&D and manufacturing staff to successfully integrate IP-based Ethernet knowledge with fiber optic technology to offer a range of optical Ethernet products that combine these two specializations. With rapid growth in the data transmission market expected in the coming five years, applications requiring high bandwidths are increasingly coming to the fore. Video on Demand (VoD), Movies on Demand (MoD), Distance Learning, Online Shopping, and Video Conferencing will add to the current Data and Voice demands of the modern internet.
Volktek's product range can be broken down into three major product lines:
  • Metro Ethernet Switches
  • Surveilance Ethernet Switches
  • Industrial Ethernet Switches
  • CPEs & Media Converters
  • IIoT Gateways
Adopting fiber optic technology has allowed Volktek to offer its customers leading-edge technology, while the integration of traditional copper-based Ethernet interfaces and technologies gives Volktek's customers a cost-effective means of migrating from a copper-based Ethernet environment to a fiber optic environment, without incurring excessive re-cabling costs.
Focused on a customer base that will require the adoption of fiber optic networking in a variety of locations, Volktek prides itself on being sufficiently flexible to work with its clients and offer solutions to each client's differing needs. Boasting in-house developed user interfaces and network management software, Volktek's products maintain a consistent user-interface across a range of products, and the benefit of a totally customizable software package for real-world applications.
Major customers for Volktek include Telcos/Broadband Service Providers, construction companies installing fiber to the home, government and schools, ITS firms, and factory automation integrators.