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24-port 10/100Base-TX, 4 Gigabit Combo ports Managed L2 Access Switch
Product Description:
The MEN-5228 is a high-performance managed access switch equipped 24-port 10/100Base-TX plus 4 Gigabit Combo ports that capable of connecting up to 28 network devices employing a combination of twisted-pair and fiber cabling paths. For increased bandwidth application, MEN-5228 can accommodate up to 8 trunk groups with LACP link aggregation, and facilitate up to 100Mbps per port to downstream devices or customers in high flexible packages. Moreover, these trunk ports are equipped with failover function to provide redundant backup if one or more ports are malfunctioning.
The large quantity of features such as advanced security and QoS options to deliver a rock solid, adjustable network to down port networks; RSTP, Port Mirroring, Loop Detection and traffic management protocols ensure impressive uptime, and keep customers online even in the most challenging network conditions. Those features, thereby, translates into increased efficiency and performance in the network. With MEN-5228, users can enjoy large, bandwidth-intensive files faster across the network without hesitation.